Tony pointed out Frank Lampard took the golden spoon route to the team.

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Former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino sees Frank Lampard. As the man with the silver spoon as he prepares to take over as Everton manager.

         Several media outlets point out that the former Blues star is set to become the Toffees’ next manager. With Cascarino’s view UFABET pointing to Frank Lampard being extremely lucky to work with the team. Leading even without success at all.

         “He’s a lucky man. Which I mean in a good way He’s an amazing player. He’s a great player,” Cascarino told talkSPORT. “He got a job at Derby, obviously his uncle Harry [Redknapp] has some relationship with Derby and guided him. , he’s a smart man.”

         “But will a manager who finished sixth in the Championship get a job with Chelsea? Of course not, he got his chance because he is a Chelsea legend.”

         “There were difficult situations under his team and the transfer ban required young players. But when he leaves I think they are ninth in the table.”

         “This is not a good thing. But he’s a manager with a silver spoon because a lot happen to Frank because he’s doing well as a player. He is not credited for his success at Chelsea.”

         “Isn’t this Frank’s pinning? It’s true.”


For a long time you can talk about what managed to achieve success in these years of football career. With his first club West Ham United, Frank was also able to get an Intertoto Cube. This was his first achievement, but with “Chelsea” he managed to win 13 trophies! Three times he became the champion of the Premier League, four times – the owner of the English Cup. He, along with Chelsea, won the Champions League in 2012. It should be noted with interest that he was twice the Football League Cup winner and twice earned the country’s Tubercuts and, of course, once against Chelsea. Then he won the Europa League.

In addition to the above, he weighs more than personal achievements. Frank Lampard more than once was named the Player of the Year by numerous magazines and fans. He also entered the symbolic team of the world, declaring a good midfielder. The best according to UEFA … and that’s not all that Lampard can boast of. The footballer is now 37 years old and this is a solid age for the players on the field. Who knows, it is very likely that he will please us with more than one achievements and exciting competitions.