Suarez and Griezmann have posted messages for Messi

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Suarez and Griezmann have posted messages for Messi. Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann have posted farewell messages after Lihonel Messi split from Barcelona.

         Suarez, who spent six years with Messi at Camp Nou, has become a dangerous partner in world football. The news just parted ways with Atletico Madrid last season. They posted a message via Instagram about the separation of old friends this time.

         “I know there are many words to tell the story you wrote at Barcelona, ​​a club that saw you grow. The club you love so much And so many trophies you’ve achieved until you’re the best player of all time.” Suarez Post.

         “I’m always thankful that you’ve been good to me since the day I arrived because you’re such a wonderful person. Proud to share thousands of wonderful moments at Barcelona and really lucky to play with you.”

         “I sincerely hope that what will happen in the future will be the best for you and your family, I love you very much.”

         Griezmann, the current team-mate, posted to Messi: “The only thing I can ball you and all football lovers will miss: Thank you! Thank you for everything you do at Barcelona! for this city For the club… You changed everything! I’m sure it’s not goodbye but I’ll see you again and your path will cross again with Barcelona.”

         “I wish you and your family happiness wherever you go. Few people know what it’s like to be Messi and how long it takes to set an example for me in every way.”