Paris Saint-Germain Agreement with Lionel Messi has been reached

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Paris Saint-Germain Agreement with Lionel Messi has been reached. And the Argentine striker immediately departed for Paris for a medical examination.

All the media outlets reported the same thing. The agreement between Paris Saint-Germain and Messi has been completed. Two-year contract with a third year extension to the end of the contract in 2024 Some details of the contract.

Messi will be paid 35 million euros per year. And will receive a free payment for another 30 million euros, which referred to the offer already. and will immediately go to Paris for a medical examination.

Father Jorge Messi also confirmed to La Sexta that his son will fly out to sign with Paris Saint-Germain. On Tuesday, while PSG are planning a press conference and the official launch is expected to take place on Wednesday.

Before, Fabrizio Romano, a famous Italian journalist. just reported that Negotiations between Messi and Paris Saint-Germain Not all agreements have been reached. It takes time to consider every detail carefully. And it is not scheduled to launch on Tuesday.

Messi announced his retirement from Barcelona in tears on Sunday after 21 years at the Nou Camp. After the club confirmed days earlier that it would not be able to renew his contract with the striker R. Jenstein got it for financial reasons. Despite the fact that both parties have reached an agreement on a new contract for a period of 5 years already.