Eriksen is in talks to return Ajax.

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Eriksen is in talks to return Ajax. Inter Milan midfielder Christian Eriksen is in talks to return to Ajax. Eriksen suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during his appearance for Denmark in their Euro 2020 group game against Finland on June 11. But still have to wear a pacemaker or ICD.

Under Italian football rules, players with defibrillators are strictly prohibited from playing in the professional league. The meaning Eriksen will have to wait at least six months to recover from the need for an ICD. Will have a chance to win back to play for “Inter milan” again 

As a result, it has been reported that Eriksen is considering a return to Ajax, where there is no ban on pacemakers in the top flight. 

A return to Ajax is possible, either on loan or Inter Milan have terminated Eriksen’s contract. So That allow him to return to football as soon as possible.

Eriksen, 29, started at Ajax as a youth player before joining Spurs in 2013. The followed by Inter Milan in early 2020 and has just finished the season. The last time that helped the team win the Scudetto.